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Database integration from multiple devices

Upgrade to Pro Plan or Premium Plan is required to connect to the same database from multiple devices such as iPhone, iPad, etc. Click here for details on plans.
The following is an example of creating a new database on the iPad and linking to that database on the iPhone.

1. Create database

First, create a database from your iPad.
If you have not yet created one, please refer here to create a new one.

2. Log in with another device

Log in from the iPhone with the same account (same email address and password) that you use to log in to your iPad.

3. Set up integration token

Set up an integration token which is the same one with what is set in iPad.

4. Link to already created database

From "Database Settings," tap "Link to Pre-created Database.
If you are logged in with the same account, databases created on the iPad are listed under "Databases created to date", so please select the target database.
If you do not see the database you have created, please refer here to obtain the database ID.
The database ID will be automatically entered. Tap "Link to Database" in the upper right corner.
Once the database linkage is successfully completed, database linkage from multiple devices is complete.
If you have trouble with the linkage, please contact us here.