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[Linking to already created DB 2] Obtaining and setting up database ID

Copy the link to the database for which you set the permissions for integration in "[Linking to already created DB 1] Database share settings".
The URL is in the format[domain name]/[DATABASE ID (32-digit string)]?v=[VIEW ID]. The string before the ?v= is the DATABASE ID, so only that part of the string should be retrieved.
(e.g.) If the copied URL is, the DATABASE ID would be 3956b991ea4a4b90b893f3abd1ed054b.
Enter the obtained DATABASE ID into BookNotion and click "Link to Database".
⚠️  Different databases must be linked for Kindle, Web, and X.
(In the following, the linkage to a database for Kindle will be used as an example.)
Good job on the linkage to the created DB.
If you have trouble with the linkage, please contact us here.